Putin sets London Gym Fashion Trend

  • By Joe Murray

With his reported love of working out in cashmere gear, the Russian president may seem an unlikely fitness trailblazer.

Boom Cycle in London’s Old Street is just as busy as you would expect a central London gym to be. Strangely enough though, there is always ample space in it’s changing rooms, and it isn’t down to a stroke of genius from the architects.

Those attending the much hyped classes don’t need to put on a special outfit for their workout, they glide seamlessly straight from brunch onto the bikes, in clothing that is far too well designed to be saved just for exercise. Some even sporting cashmere outfits.

This month American/Canadian sportswear brand Kit & Ace will open its first London branch in Redchurch Street, bringing technical cashmere to London. Technical cashmere being cashmere that is enhanced with ‘technical’ fibers such as elastane and viscose to make it machine-washable, breathable and never becomes out-of-design baggy, in other words, low maintenance luxury.

The ultimate in gym kits was sported this month by Russian President Valdimir Putin. Although a self-proclaimed humble man, he likes to hit his personal best when training. That means wearing silk-cashmere trousers, yours for £990, and a grey hoodie, £1’175 by Italian designer Lora Piana.

Carrying around a cumbersome bag full of cheap oversize gym clothes that look like something from a 1980’s punk video, just in case you can squeeze in an unscheduled work out at lunch is for amateurs. Luxury high couture that works out as hard as you do is the new way of keeping in shape.

If you’re going to one of London’s super gyms or studios that have won awards for their design, it would be rude not to dress accordingly.