What’s on in London

  • By Katie Nkrumah



Rugby Union World Cup Final
Australia V New Zealand
October 31st 2015

The superstitious New Zealand camp
have raised concerns over the date of the
game with one fan reporting:
“Negative events seem to follow our
nation on Halloween”
Halloween 1999, saw New Zealand’s
most famous world cup loss, 43 | 31
against France in the Semi Finals, Australia
went on to win the tournament.

Current reigning champions New
Zealand have only lost one game in the
last 4 years, a friendly in Australia
against Australia. his world cup has already
set a new record for the worst ever
performance from a host nations, a
record so poor it is unlikely to be
broken. With New Zealand strong favorites
since before the tournament even
began, a record is guaranteed regardless
of the outcome.

If New Zealand win, they will become
the irst nation to ever successfully retain
the world cup in consecutive tournaments,
whilst if Australia win, they will
re-enforce New Zealand’s superstitions
about playing on Halloween. Regardless
of who wins, the winner will take the
record for the most world cups ever won
by a nation, with South Africa, New
Zealand and Australia all currently on
two each.

If your a rugby fan, a world cup fan, or
just like records, you are guaranteed a
record breaking game to remember, at
the heart of English rugby, London’s

Eventim Apollo

Magician Impossible
28th October 2015 – 8th November 2015
Fist he jumped over the Rio statue in
Brazil, then he walked on water across
the hames, before the police arrested
him for it, and now he has FLOWN
through the streets of London. Bradford
raised, Steven Frayne continues to stun
the world in to silence, and sometimes
fear, as he pushes the bounds of what is
thought to be scientiically possible.

A once in a life time opportunity not to
be missed. Talent such as Steven’s makes
the phrase “talent seen once in a generation”
seem rather optimistic.
Skeptic, fan, budding magician.. regardless
of your views on illusionists and magicians,
this is a show you will not want
to miss.