Turkey | President Erdogan talks a suicidal man down from jumping

  • By Sherif Mangal

The office of the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, has confirmed that the President helped to talk a man out of jumping off the Bosphorus bridge in Istanbul.


One poor fellow in the Turkish city of Istanbul, who reportedly had been suffering with family problems, had climbed over the side of the Bosphorus bridge with the intention to commit suicide on Christmas day.

The Presidential convoy travelling across the city carrying Erdogan on official business spotted the jumper and pulled over to assist.

The Presidents bodyguards approached the man and convinced him to come and sit and talk with the President in his black Mercedes instead. Confused at first, having being reassured that the body guards were telling the truth, the man is directed over to safety and President Erdogan.

When the door of the car opens in front of the sufferer, President Erdogan is indeed seen in the car, talking on his iPhone. Erdogan apparently stayed on the line with whoever he was in contact with while speaking briefly to the suicidal man.

The president, who had reportedly been on his way to the office after attending Friday prayers, apparently said something comforting, as the man is then seen kissing his hand before the two parted.

Erdogan’s office said the man abandoned his suicidal intent after meeting the president. A source familiar with the situation told AP that the president promised to help his troubled citizen with his problems.