Actor fatally shot during filming in Brisbane

  • By Faisal Faurq

An actor has died after being shot on set during the filming of a music video in Brisbane Australia

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A man in his 20s suffered a fatal chest wound inside a bar in Eagle Lane in Brisbane city centre, Queensland police have confirmed.

Several firearms had been discharged during the filming just before 14:00 local time, (04:00 UTC) according to Detective Inspector Tom Armitt speaking to The International.

Although police have refrained from naming the man or band, local media and the band’s management have named Sydney-based hip hop group ‘Bliss N Eso’ as the producers of the music video.

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The group’s management released a statement to the press confirming the man’s death, adding that the group’s members were not present at the time.

“The video production crew and our tour team are currently working with the police in their investigation and we are unable to provide further comment at this time.” 

Insp Armitt told The International that Queensland police have launched a criminal investigation into the incident, adding:

“We do not know specifically how those injuries occurred at this time and that’ll be subject of our investigation.”

Armitt stated that members of the film crew had administered CPR to the victim, however the man eventually died from his injuries.

It has not been confirmed at this point whether the gun involved had inflicted the injuries via use of a live of blank round.

Blank rounds may still be fatal if the barrel of the gun is incorrectly blocked and a foreign object is forced out as a high velocity projectile.

Queensland police have stated that nobody else was hurt on set and there was no risk to the public.

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The bar involved, Brooklyn Standard, said it would remain closed on Monday as police conducted their investigations.

Brooklyn Standard told the press:

“We would like everyone to know that none of our staff were involved in the incident and everyone is safe.”

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