Obama and Cameron in secret pact to cover up UK nuclear test disaster

  • By Harun Ahmedovic

Report shows secretive pact between the UK Conservative party and the Obama Administration in the summer of 2016 to cover up a UK nuclear weapons test disaster

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UK government covers up nuclear weapons test disaster that could have killed millions

The US government under the Obama Administration pressured the UK not to divulge details of the failed Trident missile test, according to an investigative report.

The Times quotes a source as saying that officials from the Obama Administration told the then UK Prime Minister David Cameron and the UK Conservative Party not to comment on the malfunction during a test of the Trident II D5 missile in June 2016. A pact between the two nations was formed to cover up the disaster that could have killed millions of civilians with the UK M.O.D announcing publicly that the tests had been a success without incident.

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A British military source wishing to remain anonymous explained: “It was the Obama Administration that asked the Cameron Administration [The still ruling UK Conservative Party] not to comment on this. The US Administration may have been worried that there could be similar problems on other missiles. The British submarine carried and launched the missile. The bit that went wrong was the US proprietary technology.” the source added.

Reportedly both the British and the US D5 missiles originated from the same stockpile, effectively meaning that any problems raised would also be an issue with the US’s own arsenal due to shared military technology.

Lockheed Martin, the private company which builds and maintains the missiles, had publicised a successful test of a D5 missile on 31 August by the US Navy. The UK Ministry of Defence also publicly and falsely claimed the nuclear war head test to have been a success.

Both current Prime Minister Theresa May’s office and the Ministry of Defence have declined to comment on the claims that the US had put pressure on the UK to keep silent over the failed test.

The Sunday Times had earlier claimed that the missile had veered off towards the Florida mainland. US CNN News later claimed that the missile was diverted into the sea as part of a self-destruct emergency protocol.

The failed test took place just weeks before a House of Commons vote in favour to renew the multi-billion dollar nuclear weapons system.

UK opposition parties from England and Scotland have called for the Conservative Party to face formal questioning in Parliament over the issue.

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